The Forgettory

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Word
World Premiere
Alone in a new city, her last bottle of wine nearly empty, a woman drinks but can never forget. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, her grandfather wanders the past, fighting to remember.
Told with Tracy Crisp's trademark blend of poignancy and humour, a compassionate story about a woman's identity, family memory, and ageing.
If we don't remember who we were, then who do we become?

Presented by: Tracy Crisp

Tracy Crisp is a writer and performer across platforms as varied as stand-up, novels, storytelling and memoir. She was a national finalist in JJJ's Raw Comedy competition and has been shortlisted in the South Australian festival awards for literature. She recently published her second novel, Surrogate. Since returning to Adelaide from Abu Dhabi she has been a regular at Adelaide's storytelling events, known for work that brings a potent mix of heart and humour. Tracy has always been fascinated by the mysteries of memory, exploring it through literature, comedy and psychology but her search grew more personal as her family faced the realities of dementia. The Forgettory is her second solo show at the Adelaide Fringe and follows the success of her 2018 debut show, Pearls

Reviews & Fringefeed Reacts

  • stories of memory and family are so vivid and affecting in The Forgettory they stay with you long after the theatre lights fade - Louise Nunn, The Advertiser