The Finest Filth Variety Hour - The image is a black and white close up photo of Annie Schofield smiling. Their eyes have been coloured in black to create a 'freaky' effect. Annie wears huge tinsel earrings, a headpiece with pom poms, baubles, butterflies and a little doll and barbie arm. They are wearing a high collared sparkly, gold jumpsuit and a pink and purple tinsel jacket.

The Finest Filth Variety Hour

Comedy • Variety
South Australia

You’re invited to the most EXPLOSIVELY feminist, inclusive, accessible and QUEER AF Variety Show the world has EVER SEEN! That’s right you naughty little thrill seekers! The Finest Filth Variety Hour is jammed pack with the wildest Drag Kings & Qweens, bold and sensual burlesque and comedy that’ll make you laugh til you DIE! All hosted by the wickedly savage, filthy and thriving, Annie ‘Bad B***H’ Schofield! So buy a ticket and enter the world of The Finest Filth at our Queer Utopia home My Lover Cindi. You’ll leave GAGGING and THIRSTY for more!


Presented by: Annie Schofield

Annie Schofield is a Queer, non-binary producer, performer, host and bad b****. Annie is the producer and host of the Queer, Inclusive, Feminist, Intersectional and entertaining AF events business The Finest Filth. In the 2023 Adelaide Fringe Annie is producing three shows including comedy musical duo The Coconuts debut show ‘Brown on the Outside White on the Inside. And Emily Kates’ hour of music and storytelling on Sunday afternoons at My Lover Cindi. And Drag Burlesque, Cabaret, Stand up, Sketch filled Variety show The Finest Filth Variety Hour on Friday and Saturday nights during Fringe at My Lover Cindi.