The Fairy Wonderland Show

1 Venue

The Parlour at Gluttony - Rymill Park

Rymill Park / Mullawirraburka, Corner of East Terrace and Rundle Rd, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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Ideal Age Range:

3 years to 10 years

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Performance accessibility

  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language

About this event

Get ready to laugh, sing and dance in a fairy ring with Australia's newest and cutest fairy show! The Fairy Wonderland Show is the ultimate interactive musical comedy show for kids. Not only is it laugh out loud funny, but also encourages a heartfelt message about diversity and self-love. Through an enchanting series of upbeat fairy songs, the audience is taken on a hilarious magical journey as they are welcomed into the quirky halls of 'Fairy School' where they will meet the most enthusiastic professor 'Fairy Jasmine', who needs lots of help from the audience in teaching goofy newcomer 'Fairy Jack' the ways of the fairies, and what it truly means to be a real fairy. Dust off your magic dancing shoes, throw on some wings and come along on a fairy adventure you'll never forget!

Presented by:
Fairy Jasmine's Entertainment

Fairy Jasmine's Entertainment is a Melbourne based children's entertainment company founded by Jasmine Dare. Jasmine Dare a performer, songwriter, and kids entertainer and is the creator of 'The Fairy Wonderland Show' which has been written around her debut kids album 'Welcome to Fairyland' (by Fairy Jasmine). She is joined on stage by the talented comedy performer 'Brendon Kerss' who has had a large impact on the creation of the show, and the lovable character that is 'Fairy Jack.'

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