The Ephemeral | Sam Howie | Solo [GRAFTd] exhibition - Striped green (light and dark) abstraction banded with fine white vertical and alternative yellow & brown lines (paint on paper) presented in grid format.

The Ephemeral | Sam Howie | Solo [GRAFTd] exhibition

Encompassing Sauerbier spaces with painting-based site-specific installations, The Ephemeral is an exploration of ideas looking to highlight contradictions and similarities in relation to the universal and the particular, the past and the present, and ultimately, a deeper contemplation between the ephemeral and the eternal. The work of Sam Howie remains based on a material exploration of paint, particularly trying to find a balance between viewing paint through the lens of a psychologist, a physicist and an aesthete. Finding signs of the materials own ontology and how it responds in a variety of situations. Through these situations, his art becomes a philosophic, cultural and spiritual endeavour, questioning works of art in relation to our own existential situation. Image credit: Sam Howie. The Ephemeral, 2023, acrylic on paper, 180cm x 168cm. Photo by Sam Roberts. 

Visual Arts and Design • Workshop
South Australia • SA Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Sat, 16 Mar

Wed - Fri: 10am - 4pm. Sat: 1pm - 4pm

Sauerbier House Culture Exchange

Free Event (No Tickets Needed)


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