A tree-filled hilly island tapers down to a calm, deep blue sea. The island is backdropped by a clear summer sky and the word enki is in the top left hand corner with the letter 'i' being used to form the handle of a canoe paddle.
Man in blue jeans and blue t-shirt stands in front of a projector screen, dangling fairy lights, and a sky blue drape baring a bright red circle. In his left hand he holds a microphone to his mouth, and his right hand is gesturing towards his chest. He is speaking to an audience that is out of view, save for the top of two heads wearing headphones that are silhouetted at the bottom of  the picture.
The faces of three women, sat, eyes closed with calm, focused expressions, wearing headphones, in a shaded light.

The Enki Experience

• Immersive
United Kingdom • Australian Premiere

★★★★★ "A profound experience that relocates our sense of agency and deepens our understanding of the world around us" Loes Damhof, UNESCO Chair on Futures Literacy

enki is a powerful immersive listening experience that tracks the rewilding of humanity. In these times of intense complexity and uncertainty, enki experiences provide (re)connection with a valuable source of clarity and inspiration, enchanting listeners around the world by cupping their ears to narratives beyond the usual echo of human assumption.

Engaging in this Australian Premiere offers access to a creative take home practice through which you can contribute to a global art installation, in association with MOD. and Museum of Tomorrow International (MOTI).


To get the most out of The Enki Experience, you will want to be involved in all of its many elements, so please arrive on time to get the most out of it.

Presented by: The Enki Experience

The powerful modern fable enki was written by artist Alex Lambie back in 2010 and has steered his work ever since. The Enki Experience, an adventure in emergence, is an immersive workshop developed during Alex’s recent Fellowship at Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking, and influenced by his work with UNESCO Futures Literacy Chair, Loes Damhof and Museum of Tomorrow International (MOTI).
Now, thanks to Adelaide’s own Tahlia Taylor in association with MOD., we are excited to bring enki to The Fringe. Hosted at MOD. by Tahlia and guided remotely by Alex, this workshop stimulates and invites creative responses from you, the participants, contributing to an Enki Experience installation at MOD. as part of an international, interactive and ever-evolving art project with MOTI