The Dreamland: Isthmus - Black and white image of a hand holing a phone. There is an outline of a large egg timer. The phone shows a coloured cloud image with a lock on it. The text above reads: The Dreamland Isthmus Immersive Theatre

The Dreamland: Isthmus

• Immersive
International • World Premiere

Greed, brutality and lawlessness torment the city in an era of collapse.

All are miserable until one night—a discovery! A parallel land made of dreams!

In this immersive experience grasp all opportunities to dream if we are ever to reach the dreamland. As long as there are enough dreams, the dreamland and reality will be connected.

But the worries of the waking world have a thousand ways of preventing us from reaching the sanctuary of slumber. The noise from the street, dazzling lights, the yolk of overwork and all those irresistible random thoughts: why didn't they invite you to that party? What is the collective noun for rattlesnakes?

Resist all distractions and help build the isthmus to the dreamland.

Despair here in our reality? Or will you dream?


**Please dress in black and white to fully immerse yourself in our world.

***You will be using Instagram and your smartphone in the show. 

Presented by: Dream Divers

A diverse group of digital enthusiasts who dare to dream and make works about them.

Before they discovered their dreams, the Dream Divers discovered each other in the land of Adelaide. Hailing from a range of backgrounds in technology, arts and science, the mainly South Australian Dream Divers were drawn together by their shared interests in creative technology, and by Hong Kong immersive theatre artist Onnie Chan.

Onnie Chan has lead many groups dedicated to advancing the art of immersive game theater internationally and created works in Hong Kong, the UK, US and Iceland.