The Dr and the Chef

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1 Venue

The Parklands Bar at The Stag Public House

299 Rundle Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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Coarse Language:

Occasional, Mild

Please note:

Discussion of Alcohol

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About this event

If you have ever seen a wine snob, and thought ... 'what a w**ker', then this show is for you!

South Australia's own The Dr and the Chef showcase their particular skills in tasting wine and other assorted drinks, and how to match your odd drinks with food. This show is an outrageous festival of fun, frivolity and drinking with audience interaction and involvement.

Presented by:
Nathan Gray and Nick Llewellyn

Nathan Gray (The Dr) and Nick Llewellyn (The Chef) are passionate about wine, food and experiences, but when we looked for independent reviews about wine and food we couldn’t find many reviews that didn’t have vested interests. We then came up with The Dr and the Chef.

The Dr and the Chef review wine, food, and experiences to give you insights into some of the best, average and downright horrible products on the market. We review with honesty, and a little humour. We provide an everyday perspective of wine un-encumbered by the usual wine wankery associated with wine and spirit reviews....well maybe just a little.

Join us for this journey, learn a thing or two, and maybe get some hot tips on some great wine and other drinks.