The Door

Theatre and Physical Theatre
Australian Premiere
Mashhour's experimentally structured theatre is a unique take on immigrant experience.
It is a story of an immigrant experience through the perspectives of 2 women who share the stage at all times, but never address one another.
"A unique experience. Those interested in boundary-pushing theatre will find The Door worth entering."
New York Fringe

Presented by: Iran Saye Theatre Group & The Garage International

Iran Saye Theatre group is a vibrant, not for profit, theatrical group whose aim is to explore, and promote new methods of performance. This group focuses on the today issues in the modern age and tries to share its experiences internationally. The group formed in 2001 by renowned director, Mehdi Mashhour, and is comprised of renowned and respected actors, musicians and theatre supporting crew. They’d come together with different cultures from different parts of Iran. Under the cultural diversity, they share their thoughts and ideas in attempt to find understanding or commonality among them and also among other people all over the world. Iran Saye Theatre group hopes to display a new visionary of experimental theatre and share the joy of this experience.