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The Displaced

Circus and Physical Theatre
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'The Displaced' is a collaboration between seven circus artists. It conveys the beautiful and ugly, the devotion and play, and the chaos and calm. The acrobats invite audiences into their world, a world where there is no conformity. The acrobats are individual bodies and nothing else, their thoughts influence emotions and they work together as one. 'The Displaced' conveys the acrobats contrasting personalities through individual expression movement and exploration. Audiences are invited to correlate their emotions and thoughts to the performers movements and realise that there is something more. 'The Displaced' explores a tiny fragment of something bigger, it shows a place where conformity is nowhere, yet movement, emotion and feeling is everywhere.

Presented by:
Time in Space Circus

Time In Space Circus is a cutting edge contemporary circus company co-founded by five artists in 2015. Four of the artists came from the South Australian Circus Centre's Performance Troupe and Emerging Artist Program. Time In Space Circus has travelled nationally to Whyalla, Perth and Melbourne and toured internationally to China. They were awarded 'Best Emerging Artist Award’ in 2016 and a 'Weekly commendation Award’ in 2017 at the Adelaide Fringe. Time In Space Circus have expanded their cast to seven acrobats for 2018 Adelaide Fringe. The performers are interested in the physical and mental limits of the human body, how music can influence movement, how courage brings challenge, how abnormality and dedication bring knowledge and how individual differences brings authenticity.

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Live From Tandanya

After four successful Fringe Festivals the team from Live from 9 have again partnered with Tandanya producing the Live from Tandanya for the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018. There will be an indoor and outdoor bar areas, food, events and programming to attract punters to the venue. Tandanya Theatre is a black box theatre fully functioning and air-conditioned theatre space right in the highly sort after east end hub it is perfect for theatre, dance and physical theatre. The Tandanya Arts Café is a smaller 60 seater venue which is perfect for smaller 1 - 3 hander shows. Channel 9 as the media partner of The Adelaide Fringe Festival will support the venue with local coverage and additional media attention. The promotional package when programmed into this venue includes TV Venue advertisement, Venue Brochure, Poster, Programmed Media Launch, promotion through the Channel 9 Sun Patrol car and a Channel 9 Media Release for all artists and shows.

253 Grenfell St, Adelaide, SA, 5001

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Tandanya Theatre at Live From Tandanya

253 Grenfell St, Adelaide, SA, 5001


Tandanya Theatre at Live From Tandanya

253 Grenfell St, Adelaide, SA, 5001

Content Warnings

Age Suitability: G

Nudity Level: Mild

Depicts Violence: Mild

Other Warnings: Smoke effects. Loud noises.