Image of Fafi D'Alour playing pool with her two Delinquents on either side
Image of Fafi D'Alour standing in a clawfoot bathtub with her two Delinquents on either side covering her with Burlesque feather fans
Images of The Delinquents cast all playing pool

The Delinquents

Cabaret • Burlesque
South Australia • World Premiere

Compelling. Provocative. An after-dark Cabaret of exceptional vocals, breathtaking movement, saucy acrobatics & sensual titillation. Dive deep into the cheeky antics of what happens behind closed doors, where everyone is welcome to peer through the looking hole of our prohibition Cabaret club ‘The Delinquents’.  

The Delinquents is a behind-the-scenes of the Cabaret world set in Prohibition London, giving audiences a taste beyond the glitz and glamour of these London misfits. Showing moments of what's happening both on and off the stage, filled with acting, live music, vocals, dance, circus, aerial, acrobatics and fire. This show is unlike any other, breaking down the barrier and mystery to see the funny and unapologetic side of their favourite performers, a night not to be missed! 

Presented by: Delinquent Creatives

Delinquent Creatives is a female-run production and entertainment company.
Led by Creative Director Fiona Smith and Assistant Producer Ina Young.
Specialising in Cabaret, Dance, Theatre and Music production.

The Delinquents - Adelaide Fringe 2023 Gluttony
BONES - Adelaide Fringe 2023 Gluttony
Fafi D'Alour Sugar Takeover - Adelaide Fringe 2023 Sugar

Fafi D'Alour & The Delinquents
Adelaide Fringe 2016 // Perth Fringe 2017 // Adelaide Fringe 2017 // Melbourne Fringe 2017 // New York Fringe Encore Series 2017 // Adelaide Fringe 2019 // Adelaide Fringe 2020 // Adelaide Fringe 2021 // Adelaide Fringe 2022
WINNER 'Best Dance' Adelaide Fringe 2023 // Adelaide Fringe 2022