The Daughters of Róisín

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Performance
Ireland • Australian Premiere

Locked in a room for nine months in a house she once called her home. Ashamed, confused, trapped, this 'fallen woman' shares her powerful story. A poignant ode to Ireland's hidden past, the audience is invited to witness and journey with this forsaken Daughter of Ireland.

The play was developed through research about church and state-sanctioned abuse against women in Ireland over the last 100 years. It is an experimental and challenging performance, which hopes to give a voice to those silenced.

★★★★★ ''This play is everything great theatre should be.'' Michael Jackson, Belfast Media Group.

The performance at Hats Inc in Clare Valley will run for 2.5 hours and will also include a performance of traditional Irish music following the play, performed by Cahal Clarke.

Presented by: Wee Yarn Productions

Wee Yarn Productions is a theatre company, originating in the North of Ireland, but currently based in Adelaide, South Australia.

We are committed to producing professional theatre that explores, questions and illuminates our world and the stories which bind us.

New Writing is our main focus, with no story being too big or too small. We are excited by the use of space, and how our surroundings shape our experiences.

Wee Yarn productions places the audience at the centre of our work. We invite our audiences not only to spectate, but to participate and most importantly, to witness.

''This is an Irish play, but the themes of the play transcend the Irish narrative. It challenges our views on the treatment of women in the past, and reveals how the stories still echo" Cahal Clarke-Director