The Dancing Plague - Poster image for The Dancing Plague. Two medieval figures stand. One holds a lute smiling and looks at the other, a monk holding a bible.

The Dancing Plague

Comedy • Theatre
Victoria • World Premiere

An original farce based on a true story. In the searing summer of 1518, a mysterious plague has the people of Strasbourg dancing themselves to death. Laugh your way through the hysterical story of a corrupt priest, a crap musician, an incompetent politician, and an entrepreneurial sex worker seeking to answer: how best to profit from the suffering?

"★★★★ me that was funny" - Australian Women's Weekly

"These two are the funniest ★★★★s ever." - Christian Science Monitor

"Have you even seen the ★★★★ing show?" - Better Homes & Gardens

"No." - Peta Credlin

Presented by: Brotime Broductions