Leela and Shabana are standing in front of a white background. Both are wearing the same oversized jumper with their heads coming out of the same hole. They have very blank serious facial expressions. Shabanas' hair is black, parted in the middle and straight. Leelas' hair is parted to the side and wavy/curly. Shabana holds the base of a guitar and Leela holds the neck. The guitar is acoustic, wooden and covered in drawings and stickers of a rainbow, an old fashioned tv, an elephant, eyes and a little monster.
Leela and Shabana are performing a set at Rhino Room. The Rhino room sign is on the right hand side of the image on the wall. Behind them is a dark red, velvet curtain. They both have microphones on stands in front of them and one in front of Leela's guitar. Leela's guitar is a wooden, acoustic guitar with drawings on it of a rainbow and elephants and monsters. Leela is holding the microphone and wears a brown and red patterned jacket. Shabana is smiling and wears a black oversized jacket with sheep wool on the inside.
Leela and Shabana are performing on stage at My Lover Cindi. Behind them is a green plant, wooden pillar, and The Finest Filth pink posters on the wall. Leela holds a wooden acoustic guitar covered in drawings of rainbows and elephants with a rainbow guitar strap. Shabana holds a pretend stuffed toy in the shape of a guitar. Both have microphones on stands in front of them. Leela is smiling and pointing at someone in the crowd. Leela wears a dark green button up top. Shabana is smiling and wears a vintage, oversized denim jacket.

The Coconuts- Brown on the Outside, White on the Inside

Comedy • Cabaret
South Australia • World Premiere

If you like Sammy J or Flight of the Conchords, The Coconuts are for you!

This seemingly cute but surprisingly 'R rated' musical duo will shock and delight you with offbeat original songs, cheeky banter and their unique social perspective in this feel-good homegrown comedy debut. They’re serious and sexy, political and silly, brown and brown. Shabana and Leela can make jokes you’re not allowed to, and they do. 

“The Coconuts show should by no means be viewed by kids [... ] They inevitably leap headfirst into R rated bluntness in such a sweet and seemingly innocent manner that you cannot help but laugh out loud.” - hifiway

"apple-pie sweetness belies a couple of astoundingly acid tongues." - The Advertiser

"very funny songs up their sleeves." - Arts Hub 

*no sweaters were harmed in the making of this show

Presented by: The Coconuts

The Coconuts are a musical comedy duo consisting of queer filmmaker/ TV presenter Leela Varghese (she/her) and actor Shabana Azeez (she/her). After immediately bonding with Shabana (Fijian Indian) over being brown, Leela (Indian/Lebanese) formed The Coconuts (without telling Shabana) and entered them in Raw Comedy. When Shabana found out she said, “What?”. That’s when The Coconuts burst onto the scene in 2019 as SA Raw Comedy state finalists. Since then, they’ve become a sought-after comedy act. Beyond comedy, Leela’s award-winning films have screened at festivals such as Tropfest, while Shabana’s acting credits include SBS’s The Hunting, ABC and Netflix’s The Letdown and Why Are You Like This. The duo are known for their hilarious collaboration both on stage and on screen.

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