The Catchelorette

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The Adina Treasury Tunnels: Square Room at Treasury 1860

144 King William St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Our venue is attached to the Adina Hotel, however Treasury 1860 is a seperate entity, and is the Bar, Restaurant and courtyard located within the Adina Hotel. We also lease the tunnels space from the Adina hotel during the Fringe. Access to our venue is through the Treasury 1860 front doors at 144 King William St.

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Occasional, Strong

  • 2020 Weekly Award Winner
Scaled carla headshots adelaide 13092019  506

About this event

Directed by award winning Director Vince Fusco.

The over-produced drama and the production values of Reality TV and movies sure have a lot to answer for.

Meet Carla; 33, single, Virgo, outgoing, straight forward, Cabaret Artist and she's looking for love... still.

From first love to happy ever after, every relationship seems to have 'a catch'! Sometimes the road to love is definitely not what you expect and a bit longer. Ok, a lot longer. If you've ever been in love, out of love, looking for love, or happily ever single, this cabaret show is for you.

Inspired by true events and the music that soundtracked your life.

Who knows... you might just fall in love.

Presented by:
Carla's Confessional Cabaret

Carla Mattiazzo has been gracing the stages of the world for over 20 years.

Her craft was cultivated both in Australia and abroad; Adelaide Conservatorium, University of South Australia, T.A.F.T.A Melbourne, The Conservatorium of Doylestown U.S.A and The University of Arts Philadelphia, U.S.A. Along with private vocal training since the age of 12 with the likes of; Wendy Hopkins, Guila Tiver and Kirsty Roberts (just to name a few).

2012 Carla’s Confessional Cabaret launched
2012: Therapy
2013: Just Because I can!
2014: Born In the Spring & An Au Pair In America
2015: Signorina Scrittore
2016: Evoluzione
2017 & 2018: THAT'S LIFE (Australian Tour) - Director Vince Fusco
2020: THE CATCHELORETTE - Director Vince Fusco

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