Four cardboard horizontal cylinders containing a man and a young girl. Man holding a tennis ball up to his left ear as if listening to the tennis ball. The young girl is watching the man.
Horizontal brown cardboard tubes fill the space with many tennis balls scattered on the ground. A man and a 4 year old girl freeze in space looking at the balls.
A cluster of horizontal cardboard tubes. A man's head pokes around from behind the tubes looking cautiously at a tennis ball in the foreground.

the Boy & the Ball

A story about making a friend and how one friend can become many.

In a world of cylinders, of all shapes and sizes, we meet a very shy boy and witness how, with the assistance of his ball, he makes a friend and how that single friend becomes many.  Navigating the world of friendship is a “rite of passage” experience for most 4 year old’s.  This nonverbal performance is a wondrous tale of reassurance, joy and connection... with a little magic.

the Boy & the Ball has toured to children's festivals in Serbia, Italy and Malta.

“A masterpiece in exploring the subtle niceties, insecurities and joys of play, making friends and sheer magic” The Barefoot Review

"Never before have we seen a show that is so engaging for a young audience." Teacher - Gowrie South Australia

For incursions at preschools, a large open clear space in your preschool, multi-purpose room or gym is required. No floor rugs. The maximum audience capacity is 30 children. Access to the space is required for 1 hour prior to the performance.

Kids and Family • Childrens
South Australia

Wed, 21 Feb - Mon, 26 Feb

30 min

In Schools Performance (+1 more)



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The performance on Sunday the 15th of Feb has an optional Tactile Tour which starts at 10am

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