Outside the door of an old prison cell an elderly man with a long beard and dressed in dusty formal clothes, looks skyward perhaps in prayer. Through a flap in the prison door, we see another man staring at the 'priest' with consternation.
Outside the door of an old prison cell, an elderly man plucks a banjo. Opposite him is a  shiny brass gramophone. In-between these, visible through a tiny opening in the prison door, is the face of a second man, who looks out with consternation.
Under stage lights, a man crawls on the floor while with one hand, he lifts a single finger as if pausing to make some important point.

The Black Cat

For those who love a dark and twisted tale, comes Edgar Allan Poe’s 1843 Gothic masterpiece. From a prison cell, a man charts a chain of fantasic events that decend into sinister crime and supernatural horror. This classic, chilling tale exposes the inmost recess and the outermost limits of the human soul. Brought to life by Glendon Blazely’s original, evocative music and Mark Penzak’s compelling acting, The Black Cat is rich in the sumptuous language and grotesque imagery that hallmarks the Gothic genre. Coming to Adelaide Fringe from a series festivals & garnering strong reviews, this spell-binding performance is a must see for lovers of theatre, the macabre and Dark Romanticism.

“Stunningly conceived” “Terrific performance” “Blown away” “Brilliant!” - Audience reviews.

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Horror
Victoria • SA Premiere

Mon, 11 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

55 min

The Garage International @ Scots

$25 to $32

M (2 Warnings)

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IMPORTANT: This event has had a CHANGE OF VENUE from The Garage International @ Crack to The Garage International @ Scots (237 North Terrace, Adelaide), since the guide has gone to print.