The Birds & the Bees - Bees bonking

The Birds & the Bees

The Bee Babette will provide a primer to Pollination like you’ve never experienced it before. Be prepared to be tantalised about the honey-sweet science of sex in the wild.

With a PhD under her belt, the Bee Babette makes science sexy! Full of bee puns, buzzy facts, and audience engagement, you’ll never look at flowers or bees the same way again!

Performed at LoveX/Sexpo, Wynnum Fringe and the Rechabite, 'The Birds & the Bees' is brining the buzz to Adelaide Fringe!


"Her science comedy will provide the most engaging introductio into the science of pollination, filled with memes, puns and saucy tales." The Cross Pollinator

"Loved every minute of it" Wynnum Fringe

Comedy • Science
Australia • SA Premiere

Fri, 23 Feb - Sun, 25 Feb

45 min

The roundabout at Fool's Paradise


M (1 Warning)

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