The Big Picture Series in Port Adelaide logo with letters that look like buildings and angled colourful graphics
Love Birds by Charles and Janine Williams, artists from New Zealand who painted this mural of Superb Blue Fairy Wrens in 2019. One of the sites to have AR during the Big Picture Series in 2022.
Demsky's Project from Wonderwalls in Port Adelaide. Large graphic mural.

The BIG Picture Series @ the Port

• Immersive
South Australia • World Premiere

Plug in for the launch of The BIG Picture Series @ the Port AR experience – in your own time, at your own pace, with your chosen mates. We’re bringing Lighthouse Square and some of our finest Wonderwalls to life with dynamic augmented reality (AR) sculptures and colourful animated works delivered by an acclaimed line-up of local and international artists, including Dave Court, Elizabeth Close, Kurt Bosecke, Joel VTO, ETAM Cru, Charles & Janine Williams (Love Birds), Demsky, Sam Songailo and more!

The BIG Picture Series @ the Port AR experience launches 26 February and runs to 20 March. Grab a map via the website and explore Port Adelaide as you’ve never seen it before… and while you’re at it, check out local businesses and venues that are offering events or special deals!

Please note: The event has changed times since the Adelaide Fringe Guide was printed and will now be running from 8am to 8pm.

Winner John Chataway Innovation Award 2022

Presented by: City of Port Adelaide Enfield

presented in conjunction with Vans the Omega