The Bacchae - A teenager's face, beautifully made up, with a background of grass. They have a beard made of rad grapes, which they hold in place with grape-stained hands.

The Bacchae

One day a team of queer, neurodivergent country teens picked up this 2000-year-old script and said, "we want to do this play because it is gay and chaotic." And Fleur Kilpatrick, award-winning playwright and director said "are you sure? People get torn to pieces." And they said "Mood."

So Dionysos has come to town. And you better party. Or else.

People who get what we’re doing:
“The work Riverland Youth Theatre makes is first class. (They) are creating innovative, ambitious programs that could make a major impact at a national level and has the potential to shift the conversation about youth arts in our Country.” Mik Frawley, Country Arts SA

“I’ve never experienced young actors explode into a new text the way they did with Fleur’s writing.” Christian Leavesley, Arena Theatre

Theatre and Physical Theatre • LGBTQIA+
South Australia • World Premiere

Sat, 02 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

60 min

Chaffey Theatre (+1 more)

$10 to $15

M (3 Warnings)

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