a group of 6 females sit around a red pool table, playing a game of cards, all of which are suspicious of each other and what they're next move is.
3 people sit around a table in a light pink light setting as a waitress serve them coffee
a group of 6 females pull and yell at each other as one of the females win the card game around the red pool table

That's Amore.

That's Amore. By Kate Burgess, is a satire and multifaceted dance theatre performance combined with 5 short films. This work is produced by Alchemy Dance Collective and performed by 6 local female dancers.

Take a seat and come on a journey, through a visual diary inside a day in the life of a female bartender. Showcasing relatable themes, problems and messages, for anyone who has been apart the hospitality industry or as a customer.

The show begins with a short film, tins shaking, smiling bartenders and funky music. It then takes a turn where you see the other side of the bar; the prep, stress, missing stock, endless glassware, and workers smashing food on the floor between rushes. You will laugh, cry, resonate, and further question some of the normalities of a hospitality worker.

Dance • Film
South Australia • Australian Premiere

Mon, 04 Mar - Thu, 07 Mar

60 min

Main Theatre at Goodwood Theatre and Studios

$15 to $25

M (2 Warnings)

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