The 6 cast members of Tender are intertwining their bodies on a steel cube apparatus. They are giving the illusion of nudity with shadows and precisely placed limbs covering each other. The lighting is in hues of purple and gold on a black background. The words "Tender Cirque X" is written on the left side.
The 6 cast members of Tender stand in various poses side by side whilst wearing strappy red outfits. The background is black with a red smoke effect behind the bodies. The words "Tender Cirque X" is written across the front.
Tender Artists performing a variety of stunts.


Gentle and affectionate or sensitive and aching, what is it to be tender? Combining circus and cabaret, 'Tender' celebrates themes of love, desire, and vulnerability through a queer gaze.

'Tender' gives you permission to voyeuristically observe bodies weave and melt, from solos to duos to writhing group scenes that fluidly incorporate aerials and acrobatics exploring concepts of power play, sexuality, and intimacy. 

Watch as we disassemble gender constructs and dismantle binaries.

With multiple sell-out shows under their belt - this is one not to be missed.

presented by Cirque X

"Stunningly athletic and awe-inspiring performances by this circus ensemble will leave you wanting more." ArtsHub

"They are a force to be reckoned with." Theatre Travels

Circus • Cabaret
New South Wales • SA Premiere

Wed, 13 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

65 min

The Vault at Fool's Paradise

$34 to $39

R18+ (3 Warnings)

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