Drag/cabaret performer with pinky red hair looks directly at the camera wearing a frilly blue tulle collar and blue jumpsuit. The background is a deep purple.
Drag/Cabaret performer in hot pink bodice holds a glass of wine whilst looking into the spotlight, there are audience members around her looking at her whilst she holds the microphone.
Cabaret drag performer being held whilst singing in a sparkly black and silver jumpsuit by 3 audience members. The drag performer has red hair.

Tash York - Fringe as F**k

Rehearsing is a construct, let's get Fringe as F**K.

This is not an improv show... but everything will be improvised. This is not a Fringe show... but all your Fringe favourites will be there. Nothing is planned... but something exists….

If your kink is a bag of dollar store props, terrible song choices and some of Australia’s favourite variety performers, then you are ready for the shenanigans.

Hosted by your favourite drunk aunty, Tash York (Tash York’s Happy Hour, Briefs Sweatshop, Winefulness). Come into her world as she puts the best of the Fringe to the test in three rounds of fringy goodness to see if she can find the most Fringe as F**K performance ever known to Fringe.

This show has an interactive game show element that includes using your phone via scanning a QR code - you'll need access to data in order to participate.

Cabaret • Variety
Australia • SA Premiere

Fri, 12 Jul - Sun, 14 Jul

55 min

The Kingfisher at Glenelg Winter Arts Festival

$32 to $35

M15+ (3 Warnings)

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