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Tash York : Badass - Event image

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Whether it's wielding a bat to the patriarchy, challenging life's norms, or just cussing like a sailor, Tash York is on a journey to find her inner Badass. Loud, powerful and uncompromising these are the powers a true badass does possess. But sometimes it's hard to find your inner badass when you're hungover AF, covered in chicken nuggets and too anxious to go outside. Star of the award-winning, 5-star show "Adulting", York and her badass band bring you parodied songs, improvised raps, hilarious true stories & a whole lot of heart.

If you've ever had a panic attack while having sex, been overly emotional in a children's film or just think way too much about stationery - then this show is for you.

Best Cabaret Weekly Award 2017.
★★★★★ Upside News ★★★★★ Whats on ADL ★★★★★ VoicemagUK.

Presented by:
Big Hair Productions

Big Hair Productions is solely based around the work of Tash York. BHP has produced “These Things Take Wine”, “Adult Fairy Party”, “The Desperettes: A guide to being a wingman” and “Adulting". Each of these shows have received rave reviews and sold out performances across the world including the Edinburgh Fringe. IN 2017 Tash’s work was picked up by Grayboy Entertainment Agency and is now a regular Guest Entertainer on P&O cruises. As a one stop shop BHP is run & funded by York herself. As a result of this she is competent across a variety of skill sets including creating marketing campaigns, writing and distributing press, organising photo shoots, photoshop design, creating online videos and even writing in third person.