Comedian Tania Lacy sits facing camera, caught with a candid expression. She is wearing a lavender coloured suit, with a lavender coloured background and has a bunch of lavender coloured roses upside down on her head.

Tania Lacy: Everything's Coming Up Roses

Comedy • Stand-up

Tania Lacy is back! And everything’s coming up roses. After surviving six years in Berlin with those crazy Germans, getting through menopause without spontaneously combusting and raising a teenage boy in lockdown with her husband of 22 years, she’s convinced the worst is behind her. Bahahahaha! Covering everything from clown porn to yobbo birds, Tania is relentless in her desire to find the 'roses' moments in all life dishes out. 

★★★★ "Tania Lacy Is Iconic."

★★★★ "Her tale about the perils of a Brazilian and an impassioned plea for the return of the missionary position, are worth the price of a ticket." The Advertiser

★★★★ "Had the audience howling with laughter." 

Presented by: Tania Lacy

Tania Lacy’s career sounds like a breathless jump from one fortuitous opportunity to another. As a student at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts, her hopes of being a classical ballerina were dashed by a cruel injury, but not so long after she was choreographing and dancing with Kylie Minogue – by the way, that’s her in the Locomotion clip. Molly Meldrum spotted her dancing on Countdown and on a whim, had her open the show. A producer called asking her to audition for a new show. That show was The Factory and it made her a household name. Then came Countdown Revolution, award winning short films, stand-up, she’s an actor, written for film and television and has two novels on the shelves. Tania's favourite pastime is making people laugh.

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