Tales in a Teacup - A dapperly dressed person is holding an open book in one hand. In the other hand they are holding out a teacup and saucer invitingly.

Tales in a Teacup

'Tales in a Teacup' is a tantalizing blend of tea tasting and storytelling. Immerse yourself in a world of flavors as you journey through captivating tales of Goddesses, spirits, magicians and merfolk. This unique experience transcends time and place, as each brew unlocks a new chapter of myth and legend. Delight your senses and imagination, 'Tales in a Teacup' is an unforgettable adventure where the magic of tea and the power of storytelling unite to transport you to ancient worlds and mythical realms.

Eat and Drink • Storytelling
South Australia • World Premiere

Mon, 26 Feb - Wed, 06 Mar

50 min

Tea Room at Curiositeas

$15 to $25


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