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Swipe Left for Drama: How Childhood Upsets Cause Romantic Regrets

Dive into Shayne Hunter's comedic whirlwind in 'Swipe Left for Drama,' exploring the psychology behind our romantic missteps, attachment styles, ego defenses, and trauma responses, all with a side of uproarious humor. From misadventures informed by 3.5 self-help books to revealing why asking 'What's wrong?' feels like defusing a bomb, Shayne connects our love fumbles with childhood echoes for approval. Expect sharp wit, unexpected insights, and a hilariously insightful journey through the complexity of love’s dramas and our inherent desire for a gold star in romance!

Comedy • Stand-up
Queensland • SA Premiere

Sat, 02 Mar - Sat, 09 Mar

60 min

Ground Floor at The Howling Owl

$22.50 to $25

M (6 Warnings)

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