Swipe Left - A parody of a 'Back to the Future' movie poster with Marty and the Doc replaced by icons for dating apps, looking at their phones.

Swipe Left

Have you been zapped of your zest by the apps? Left bereft, feeling trapped and, at best, a little app...rehensive about dating?

Have you swiped your last swipe, now with a gripe against your 'type', wishing to wipe your hands of that tripe?

We love them, we hate them - but are dating apps a necessary evil... or unnecessarily evil?

Songs, stories, and scintillating scrutinisation from the brain-goo of an app-less and hapless sod, 'Swipe Left' goes meta for a metaphor, takes a swipe at the swiping, gets unhinged about Hinge, grumbles about Bumble and takes Tinder out with the trash...

Only to download them again a month later.

Invite your Tinder date*. It'll be a blast!

*Maybe don't.

Comedy • Solo show
New South Wales • World Premiere

Thu, 29 Feb - Sat, 02 Mar

50 min

The Library at Ayers House

$15 to $20

M15+ (2 Warnings)

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