SWING - The Beat That Shook The World

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SWING - The Beat That Shook The World - Event image

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Brendan Fitzgerald Jazz Ensemble trumpets the slip and slide dance rhythms and slinky melodies of the 30's and 40's Swing era in this suave, sophisticated cabaret.

In 1929, the roaring twenties crashed in the Great Depression. A flamboyant world of excess gave way to a decade of austerity and rumblings of war. The crisis bred a new culture of escapism as deco dance halls became popular havens for big band exuberance and the euphoria of Swing. A riveting story channeled by New York's Metronome magazine music critic, George T Simon as he voices the rivalries and personalities of Swing.

★★★★★ "An inspired combination of music, song, theatre, dance and screen stills transporting the audience back to a unique period of the 20th century" The Advertiser
From the creators of TAKE FIVE & MOJITO!

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Brendan Fitzgerald - eMotion Music

eMotion Music is an Australian production house for creative music initiatives. Engaging diverse talent, eMotion Music ignites entertainment and performance projects for all occasions. Our concerts, music-theatre and cabaret productions tour Australia, Europe and the Asia Pacific.
eMotionMusic specialises in productions which combine narrative and contemporary visual technologies to support high level music performances across a range of styles. Our music and cabaret productions are reinvented via a multi-layered process, delivering a synaesthetic experience for the audience.
Formed by pianist/composer/producer, Brendan Fitzgerald, eMotionMusic combines the creative energies of a group of South Australian artists and musicians, including collaborations with international performers.