Surfing Escondido - Chica Chica Electricia - Surfing Escondido - Chica Chica Electrica

Surfing Escondido - Chica Chica Electricia

Cabaret • Music
South Australia

Chica Chica Electrica play toe-tapping, original Mexican, Surf, Cowboy Rock tunes with narrative and heart.
All songs are written by surf guitarist Steve and vocalist Frankie, featuring dancing, romancing, surfing, witches, rodeos & gigolos, just to name a few.

A bit of 'tongue in cheek' humor together with loads of colour and positive vibes are guaranteed.  Chica Chica Electrica promise twanging guitars, chunky bass from Peter ‘El Prez’ Nixon, unique drumming from Chica Satomi Ohnishi aka (Dr of Drummology) and Frankie’s soulful vocal. 

Come and meet them after the show and their band Mascot 'Sabado Noche' who would love to add a photo of you and the band to his Instagram page. Don't be shy, life's too short. DA DA DA DA DA DA DA TEQUILA!!

Presented by: City of Onkaparinga