Ballerina dances
There are five female dancers blurry image, and one male dancer is seated on a bench.

Sunset with Alive

• Ballet
South Australia • World Premiere

An entertaining, eclectic and moving show presented by Alive Ballet Company & Alive Contemporary Dance Company, Adelaide-based companies with international artists from different walks of life.

From excerpts of the most significant classical ballet repertoire to bold and daring contemporary dance works. Including Native, a raw choreography inspired by the director's Brazilian indigenous ancestral rituals and story. 

Directed by Rejane Garcia, Alive companies began in 2015 in London and has successfully performed in venues across the UK, Russia and Australia. The resilience and unity of the artists are founded on the belief that dance is an inclusive art form accessible to everyone.

 Photographers: Diana Patient, Hugo Ramires

Presented by: Dance Alive

The company’s work is motivated by a collective interest in self-emancipation. The company express what is between feeling and thinking surrounded by raw emotions. Capturing and engaging dancers and non-dancers through a free and organic desire to make movement dance and accessible