a person with a mask holding a golden gong
a person with a mask sitting on the floor
2 characters with masks with one giving the other one 2 glowing crystals

Sun and Crystal

Based on Japanese folktales, Noh, and butoh that reveal the human unconscious, a poetic dramatic telling of a universal contemporary myth that transcends time and borders.
This show is a story about an apocalypse of modern civilization.
Once upon a time, somewhere in unknown universe, two shadows were dancing in the memory. A woman was killed in the field of flowers next to the battlefield.
The crystal is recording every one of those single memories.
A woman who is taken away by shadows meets an old man in a place where time has stopped somewhere down the line. The old man starts telling her his stories: ‘There is a
crystal cave somewhere in this world...’
The woman embarks on a journey through time and space, a journey of memories in search of the crystal of that world.

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Physical Theatre
Japan • Australian Premiere

Sun, 18 Feb - Sat, 24 Feb

60 min

The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall

$25 to $30


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