Sufi Music Party - Farhan Shah & Brothers

Music • World Music
Sufi music that is accessible to audiences of all cultures. Bringing the traditional as well as the updated Pakistani and North Indian mystical music. Featuring mesmerising and hypnotic percussion, vocals and ambient music, Farhan Shah & Brothers take you on a journey of the spirit through time and space.

Featuring mystical music that stretches back almost a thousand years into the Middle East and South Asia, Sufi music is inspired by poetry to the creator and the universe. Hypnotic, energetic, meditative, ambient, uplifting, soulful, optimistic. Sufi music from Pakistan and North India will be presented in both a traditional and contemporary style. By Farhan Shah, renowned Sufi singer from Karachi (now living in Aust).

Enjoy our Pakistani Street food Cafe before the concert & interval.

Presented by: HATs Inc & Globo

HATs is a Ruby Awards winning SA arts company supporting regional arts & Music, as well as special projects, Globo is an SA based World Music production company.