A photo of a man singing passionately into a microphone. He has black hair and a full beard. He is wearing a black leather jacket and an orange, black and white patterned scarf.

Sufi Music Highway

Music • World Music
South Australia
Adelaide's foremost contemporary Sufi music group presents its unique Australian presentation of the mystic and ancient poetry and song of the Sufi's from the Middle East and South Asia. Featuring singer Farhan Shah 'The Pakistani Pavarotti' and his exciting band of musicians blending traditional and high powered fusion music that melts the soul. Receiving rave reviews in the last two Fringe Festivals Farhan Shah and Party specialise in sharing the Sufi tradition in this exciting way.

2020 SA Music Awards winner UNESCO City of Music - Farhan Shah brings Sufi mystic poetry into the beautiful Trinity Church space.

Farhan Shah vocals, Nadya Rahimi poetry, Alain Valodz guitar, Ravi Madhawan Harmonium & vocals, Keith Preston santoor & guitar, Satomi Ohnishi percussion, plus guest dancers

Presented by: Artbeat

Artbeat is a long term presenter of South Australian World Music in Adelaide with over two hundered concerts and community events to our credit.