An opera singer singing upside down on a trapeze with an acrobat and violinist performing together in the same image. The musicians appear melded within the text 'Stories That Must Be Heard'

Stories That Must Be Heard

“Marvellous" - LIMELIGHT ★★★★★

This powerful new concert experience fully embraces circus, opera and classical music in two captivating new works by Australian composer Chloé Charody to help tell stories that must be heard. 

LIMBO - a ground-breaking sonata for acrobatic violinist, and TRUTH IN THE CAGE - a song cycle for acrobatic soprano will premiere alongside one another in a mesmerising spectacle which aims to seamlessly meld classical music, opera and circus into one single genre.

“Composer Chloé Charody is remarkable not just for her genre-defying music or the gravity-defying nature of its performance - a combination of classical music, circus and opera - but for her commitment to highlighting the plight of refugees in her work.” - LIMELIGHT ★★★★★

Music • Physical Theatre
Germany • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

Thu, 29 Feb

90 min

Theatre One at The Parks Theatres


M (1 Warning)

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