STILL time - Studio Bowden: Sue Boettcher, Graphite, 2023

STILL time

Celebrating life and beauty, STILL time explores aesthetics of the everyday that transcend the temporalities of Nature Morte tropes, by adding twenty first century tweaks. Expanding on art historical themes of vanitas and memento mori, this exhibition includes a contemporary twist with hints of playfulness, levity and revelry.

Sue Boettcher, James McFarlane, Don Rankin and Tricia Ross share a passion for translating 'things' into creative works, through the act of drawing, painting, printmaking and/or collage. Their individual endeavours reflect the intuitive choices of subject and translation to art works that they each make in studio practice. 

Visual Arts and Design • Exhibition
South Australia

Thu, 22 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

120 min to 4 hr

Studio Bowden



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