State of Emergency

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1 Venue

Main Theatre at Goodwood Institute Theatre

166 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood, SA, 5034

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Smoke Effects, Strobe Lighting

Scaled sasnn photo dancealive dec2017 86

About this event

A triple bill show from three outstanding choreographers, but with one issue in mind; Planet Earth needs help, or do we? Are we not responsible for environmental deterioration and yet the victims claiming 'State of Emergency'? Does the power of nature remain and regenerate without us, despite us.

It is a unique group composed of people from all over the world. During times of global crisis and uncertainty (be that environmental, political or both) history has demonstrated time and again that artistic endeavour is an effective and powerful vessel through which to communicate, unite and educate.

Choreographers: Daniel Navarro Lorenzo, Mafe Toledo and Grace Keeble
Artistic director: Rejane Garcia

Presented by:
Alive Contemporary Dance Company

Alive Contemporary Dance Company, directed by Rejane Garcia, began in 2012 in London and has successfully performed in venues across the UK and Russia. This unique company is made up of a culturally diverse set of dancers from different walks of life. The resilience and unity of the company is founded on the belief that dance is an inclusive art form accessible to everyone.
With an open-minded approach, the company explores individual and particular skill sets as well as discovering group strength through teamwork, research & development.
What it provides is an opportunity for busy London dwellers to be part of a creative community, united not only by the city they choose to call home but by a fervent passion for artistic expression and collaboration.