Star Warz De Nude - Picture is of Star Wars character Admiral Ackbar on a black background. He holds his fingers out in front of him and between himsis a finger trap. The words Star Wars Denude are written above the character and below the character are the words It's a trap, a Booby Trap. Beneath that is the Ardent Artiste Productions Logo with a speech bubble that says pew pew

Star Warz De Nude

Get ready to experience a galaxy far, far away like you've never seen before! Introducing the most seductive and out-of-this-world burlesque parody show: 'Star Wars: Denude.' Join us as we blend the iconic characters and epic battles of the Star Wars universe with the art of burlesque, creating a captivating and titillating spectacle. Watch as lightsabers twirl in a dance of desire, stormtroopers reveal their sultry side, and Jedi robes drop to unveil hidden fantasies. It's a night of passion, humor, and jaw-dropping performances that will leave you begging for an encore. Whether you're a loyal Jedi or a mischievous Sith, this is one show that will awaken the force of your desires. May the tease be with you

Comedy • Burlesque
Western Australia • World Premiere

Tue, 20 Feb - Sun, 25 Feb

60 min

The Bunker at Fool's Paradise


R18+ (2 Warnings)

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