Stabbing The Ghost - A cartoon caricature ghost (sheet with eyeholes) with a hunting knife emblazed on its stomach and hem dripping like blood on a red background.

Stabbing The Ghost

Please join us for a free staged playreading of the latest work by Safari Street creative 'Stabbing The Ghost'.

In an empty newspaper office, two jaded journalists bump into each other after hours to finish their latest articles. They know they really should care about them, but they really just don't care about anything - unless someone rewrites their work...

A dark comedy about insufferable people, 'Stabbing The Ghost' peeks at what's behind the headlines in the searing fourth play by Safari Street Creative.

“maintains the company’s reputation for producing outstanding original work”
-          The Advertiser

“Refreshingly honest and unpretentious”
-          Kryztoff RAW

“Safari Street Creative are bold and well-equipped as serious theatre contenders”
-          Stage Whispers

Please note if you have purchased tickets to a session of Stabbing The Ghost you are entitled to a refund or exchange to Safari Street Creatives award-winning play Demagogue - please call Adelaide Fringe ticketing hotline to discuss your options on 08 8100 2012. 

You can also register for the Stabbing The Ghost playreading for free above!


Theatre and Physical Theatre • New Writing
South Australia • World Premiere

Sat, 02 Mar

60 min

The Studio at Holden Street Theatres

$20 to $27

M15+ (2 Warnings)

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