St. Patrick's Day Street Party at 55ml

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Singing, dancing & a pint or two, the Irish know how to party, and celebrating St. Patrick's Day here at 55ml is no exception. For the third year in a row we will be closing down the street and taking the party outdoors! There will be live music all day, Irish Dance performances, food and frivolity! All ages are welcome and encouraged as a celebration shared is a celebration doubled!

Presented by: 55ml

55ml is a small bar in Adelaide a stone's throw from the Central Markets. Partners Seira and Seamus embarked on this adventure in the search for community. Now entering our 3rd year we are loving the local community we are a part of here! We love all things music, dancing, singing and drinking and welcome new faces and find comfort in our regular faces. We prefer to keep things simple and laid back in our cosy venue and enjoy the things that give us joy; good music, good drinks and great company.