Three actors sit in a homemade blanket fort. They are holding books and swords and two are wearing paper hats and crowns.

Splosh! Theatre's 'Beyond Bedtime Story Show!'

Comedy • Theatre
South Australia • World Premiere
Who says bedtime stories should just be for kids? Let 'Splosh!' tuck you in, dim the lights and take you on an absurd and raucous literary adventure. Like a good gin, we are distilling classic (and not so classic) grown-up books down to their most potent form and spewing them out through the magic of live storytelling, music and rabid immaturity. #ThisIsWeird

Presented by: Splosh! Theatre Company

Splosh! Theatre is a fledgling company whose nest is tended by a group of long-hatched performers.
Hailing from an eclectic background in all types of creative performance, each member has, at some point, branched off into the sometimes treacherous, but always delightful world of children’s theatre.
Having returned from such journeys slightly weary and covered in boogies, we feel it is now our quest to bring such joys from the realms of the youth, to the world of the 'grown-ups'. To reintroduce adults to their inner-child and rediscover their once curious and imaginative minds. Splosh! encourages the audience to lose their inhibitions, giving them permission to be silly, to be vulnerable, to laugh out loud and join in the adventure!