Brunette burlesque performer posed on stage wearing a yellow blazer and skirt that pays tribute to the costume worn by lead character in the movie 'Clueless'.
Blonde curly haired burlesque performer, wearing black and blue costume, is removing blue skirt mid performance while looking at the audience.
Performer dressed in long yellow wig in pigtails, wearing a white, red and blue burlesque costume inspired by the TV show character Sailor moon.

Spice Up Your Life - A Burlesque Tribute to the 90's

Spice Up Your Life this Adelaide Fringe, as we take you back in time and pay tribute to the nostalgic music and pop culture of the 90’s through the art of burlesque. Including tributes to films and TV shows such as Clueless, Sailor Moon, and the full musical spectrum of what the nineties had to offer.

Presented this year at Adelaide’s illustrious burlesque rooftop bar - Nineteen Ten.

Cabaret • Burlesque
South Australia • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

Fri, 08 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

60 min

Nineteen Ten

$31 to $35.50

R18+ (3 Warnings)

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