Speak of the Devil

Scaled sotd adelaide

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Basement Level, 15-17 Featherstone Pl,, off Gawler Pl, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Content warnings: M

Please note:

Trigger Warning - Suicidal Themes

Scaled sotd adelaide

About this event

A seemingly endless summer.

Australian suburbia.

And a shadow that arrives with the death of a friend.

Unpacking the Aussie psyche around grief and loss, we look into the imaginary monsters we create and the real monsters we struggle with.

What happens if we name them - bring them out into the light - and call them to account?

Speak of the Devil.

Important information:
Trigger Warning - Suicidal Themes

Presented by:
Deep End Theatre Company

An ensemble of creators and performers graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts making new contemporary works.

Performers and Creators: Clarisse Bonello, Chanella Macri, Damian Okulic, Slone Sudiro and Darcy Whitsed.
Designers: Juliette Whitney, Jessie Keyes, Tom Lloyd and Edwin Cheah.

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