space between
space between
space between

Space Between

Charming and bold, this circus rom-com is "...perfect for anyone who loves love."

These acrobats will warm your heart throughout the ups and downs of their relationship. Filled with meaningful moments and many belly laughs, these beautifully naive characters use exciting circus skills to demonstrate the trust that is required in all relationships.

'Space Between' plays with theatrical conventions; one character can see the audience, and the other can’t. They tumble through space, perch precariously on each other, and handstand atop their old weathered couch—all while navigating the strange sensation of finding an audience in their living room. The show explores how we see one another, it holds space for vulnerability and invites audiences to share in those tough conversations. 


Circus • Physical Theatre
Victoria • SA Premiere

Mon, 11 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

50 min

Ukiyo at Gluttony - Rymill Park

$20 to $30


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