Soul Trader with two hand holding one guitar
Soul Trader Logo black on white
The duo performs on stage, playing the guitar and singing. The man on the left wears a black hat, black suit and pants, and a red shirt. The woman, on the right, wears a white shirt and beige suit and pants.

Soul Trader: The Duo

Music • Acoustic
South Australia • World Premiere

It’s official, Adelaide's best kept secret is out.

Soul Trader is back as a duo, and ready to serve you an acoustic pop rock feast of fresh original music.

This is the most dynamic duo in the history of dynamic duos, this is not Batman & Robin, this is Batman & Batman. Two powerful singer songwriters coming together to deliver something special.

In an industry flooded with loop pedals and Autotune, Soul Trader, is like a delicious home cooked meal in a world of fast food.

With pristine harmonies and guitars pounding out the rhythm, Simon James Betts and Corey Stewart deliver wonderfully crafted songs with energy, cheek, polish and passion.

This will be a night your ears will thank you for a long time to come, so sit down, hang on and experience the aural ride of your life.

Presented by: Soul Trader & The Garage International