Some Like It Hot - Graphic motel neon sign reads 'Some like it hot' with palm tree and green bold background.

Some Like It Hot

Northern Territory • SA Premiere

Some Like it Hot, curated by Wendy Garden, brings together two of the Northern Territory’s most respected artists: Franck Gohier and Therese Ritchie in an exhibition that reflects upon gender trouble in the tropics. Both Gohier and Ritchie consider the performative nature of gender, tracing the intersections between sweat, sex, desire and discord in Australia’s hottest and most remote capital city.

Flinders University Museum of Art 

20 February 2023 - 6 April 2023

Presented by: Flinders University Museum of Art

Flinders University Museum of Art (FUMA) is custodian of one of the largest public art collections in South Australia. It spans the 15th to 21st centuries and comprises over 8000 Australian and international works. Collection highlights include nationally significant holdings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, conceptual art projects by North American, European and Australian artists, and a vast archive of Australian political prints and posters.

Located at the University’s main campus at Bedford Park, 12 kilometres south of Adelaide’s central business district, FUMA houses the collections that were first initiated for education purposes in 1966. A purpose-built gallery was more recently opened in 2019 reflecting the University’s ongoing commitment to the visual arts.