Soft Fascinations - surreal collaged photo combining green tomato plant stalks entwining with human bodies which are painted in green and posing against a blue backdrop.

Soft Fascinations

'Soft Fascinations' is a group exhibition featuring artists from Kent Town's newly established FAB studio. Taking cue from the principles of Attention Restoration Theory (ART), the exhibition explores how exposure to natural environments benefits individuals dealing with stress or mental fatigue. Soft fascinations, as per ART, are simple yet engaging elements in the environment that effortlessly capture attention—like clouds drifting across the sky. Artists featuring in this exhibition present their reflections across sculpture, photography and painting.

Visual Arts and Design • Visual art
South Australia

Thu, 14 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

120 min to 4 hr

Workshop Experience Fringe Studio Space at fab

Free Event (No Tickets Needed)


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