socially [un]acceptable

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136 Frome St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

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Frequent, Strong

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CW: mention of sexual assualt and rape

User crop laura desmond credit jonathan kovarch

About this event

Have you ever been put in a socially unacceptable situation? Have you ever felt guilty about not having sex with someone? Have you ever been r*ped? You’re not alone.

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socially [un]acceptable is an honest, brave and thought provoking performance which details one woman’s personal experience of sexual assault through a series of autobiographical vignettes. With resounding ferocity and unwavering composure, socially [un]acceptable will challenge and inspire you as it takes you on a voyage through the musings of a woman fighting social pressure, discovering self-worth and understanding what it means to have ownership of your own body.

Written and performed by Laura Desmond.

Recorded on Kaurna land.

Presented by:
Big Mood

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