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Trigger warning - sexual assault and rape

socially [un]acceptable - Event image

About this event

Have you ever been r*ped? You're not alone.

Be challenged & confronted by the personal experience of sexual assault through a series of autobiographical vignettes. Unapologetically honest and confronting, this show will challenge and inspire you. Inspire you to change the narrative in today's society, to shut down slut shaming and victim blaming. To give young people the strength and the confidence to be true to themselves. To start conversations that will change the future of sexual assault. Let's change the narrative.

★★★★★ Great Scott!
★★★★★ Nicole Frazier
★★★★1/2 The Adelaide Show
★★★★1/2 Kryztoff RAW
WINNER Stamptown Theatre Award 2017

"Raw & painful & visceral" Great Scott!
"Powerful & vulnerable" The Adelaide Show.
"Merciless & confronting" Stage Whispers.

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Big Mood™

Big Mood™ is a production and management company working to highlight brilliant theatre, music and visual art shows on a world stage. Working across Adelaide, Melbourne, Edinburgh and country Australia, Big Mood™ are passionate about fostering emerging performance and visual art work in challenging spaces, and extending the reach of these works to make an increased impact.

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