Snowy and the Seven Cool Dudes - Interactive theatre for children
Snowy is sleeping in the forest.
Children from the audience become the rappers.

Snowy and the Seven Cool Dudes


Presented by: Jally Entertainment

Princess Snowy is becoming more beautiful every day and The Wicked Queen is not happy! She has decided to send Snowy away, to get rid of her, once and for all. The Magic Mirror has warned The Queen this is a huge mistake! Snowy is beautiful on the inside and the outside- everyone loves her. The Queen isn’t listening though, she is very unkind, and orders The Hunter from the Palace to take Snowy into the forest and leave her there… forever!  Oh dear, what will become of Snowy now?

Meanwhile, the Cool Dudes have decided to make healthier food choices and get into some cool exercise...well, they do love to rap!

During this interactive and fun production, kids will enjoy the opportunity of role-play, as they are invited to become a variety of characters on the stage- including The Cool Dudes! 

Presented by: Jally Entertainment

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