Snooze VR - A Chronic Fatigue Cabaret - A blonde white cis-woman comically yawning in bed, holding a teddy bear toy.

Snooze VR - A Chronic Fatigue Cabaret

This life-affirming comedy takes us through the experience of getting sick, steadfastly ignoring that fact, cycling through an endless flip-show of doctors for answers, and dealing with the grief and acceptance of a chronic illness diagnosis. Our comfy VR cinema immerses you into the baffling world of invisible illness and showcases all those moments when you say you "just got to laugh."

Sarah McInnes is a musical theatre performer, turned physio, turned work-from-home cabaret writer and performer. She is a proud "spoonie" (chronic illness warrior) and invisible illness advocate with ME/CFS, POTS, spondyloarthritis and endometriosis. Humour and a pen are her weapons of choice and ableist societal norms are what she hacks away at mercilessly.

"Audience favourite" - The Theatre Room

Cabaret • Comedy
Australia • SA Premiere

Available Now

50 min

Basement at Secret Basement @ WEA (+1 more)

$24 to $32

PG (3 Warnings)

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Please Note: a N95 mask are required for audience members for the performances on Sunday 25th of February and 3rd of March

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